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dark spot correcting serum


A skin pigmentation correcting serum targeting uneven patches and dark spots, while also delivering a natural radiant glow. 

  • tackle sun spots, age spots, acne marks
  • uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation
  • restore even skin texture & tone 

Suits: all skin types 

What it does

With continued use this dark spot correcting serum works beautifully to fade uneven pigmentation by inhibiting melanin, the main culprit responsible for excessive pigmentation.

Featuring a carefully curated blend of actives proven over time to reduce the appearance of spots and discolouration caused by aging, sun exposure, and environmental damage.

With generous dose of hyaluronic acid to replenish and lock in long term hydration, plus fortified with skin nourishing oils to repair and antioxidants to reduce irritation.

Get ready to welcome in your new glow plus a smoother, softer appearance.

20 multifunctional ingredients
Dark spot correcting serum ingredient benefits.  6 to tackle pigmentation, 7 to soothe redness, 10 antioxidants, 5 to brighten and glow, 5 to plump and hydrate.


Apply to damp cleansed skin at night. For best results follow soon after with your Neo Mortal Moisturiser. For some melanin can take longer to fade and for best outcome continue using for 6 to 12 weeks.

Delivery and returns
**For Australian & International delivery rates plus FAQ's you can find our detailed delivery section at the bottom of this page.

paraben free


alcohol free


petroleum free


silicone free


cruelty free


plant based

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why the neo mortal

our lab, our formulations, our people
operating our own lab allows the development of unique, creative, uncompromising products. There's no outsourcing and no shortcuts - we do it all ourselves

advanced delivery systems
natural liposome encapsulated ingredients allow sustained slow release of actives for better absorption 

smart ingredients
smart multifunctional ingredients are added to elevate each product. Like natural phospholipids that make up our liposomes, which deeply nourish and support proper barrier function, for more effective targeting of active ingredients

superior science
multiple high-tech and plant based ingredients work together to effectively target your skin concerns, and bring changes you can see 

why we created it

we're on a mission
to create effective, highly functional formulations that deliver stunning results, while keeping our conscious bases covered

highly skin compatible
improve skin quality beyond the surface level with modern formulations, meticulously selected, progressive plant based ingredients that won't cause irritation and breakouts

sophisticated skin feel
delight your senses with a delicate lightweight non greasy skin feel on application

three levels of skin fitness
with immediate, continued and long term benefits, our barrier strengthening formulations provide instant improvements to texture, tone and elasticity

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we care about community, sustainability and our environment 


100% recyclable

our packaging is fully recyclable 


renewable energy

made with clean sustainable resources 


green chemistry

eco conscious & sustainable practices 


ethical supply chains

full transparency