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all clear serum trio discovery kit

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Discover our blemish fighters that help clear breakouts, unclog pores, exfoliate, smooth and brighten skin tone. The eye rescue serum provides comprehensive benefits to the eye area. Win the battle and regain control of blemish causing bacteria without causing dryness or flaking.

The all clear triple serum discovery kit includes:

  • 5g all clear spot treatment
  • 5g exfoliator BHA serum
  • 5g eye rescue serum

  • Suits: blemished, oily, combination, normal 
    What the kit does

    A dedicated blemished skin duo that gently and effortlessly purifies, exfoliates. The potent spot treatment is there to tackle those occasional flare ups. Reduce excess oil production, unclog and shrink enlarged pores, dislodge blackheads, and help control mild to moderate breakouts - and keep them under control. The eye rescue serum delivers eye cream levels of nourishment, plumping fine lines, reducing puffiness and erasing dark circles. Discover a renewed rested more youthful appearance.

    Kit information

    all clear exfoliating BHA serum

    A triple action BHA, AHA and hyaluronic acid night serum that promises to visibly smooth, clear and replenish the skin. This antimicrobial exfoliator with mandelic and glycolic acids, works effortlessly to boost cell turnover throughout the multiple layers of the skin. With 2% salicylic acid added to exfoliate deeply within your pores, decongesting and leaving your complexion clearer. Soothing licorice root, white tea and tasmanian pepper extracts help brighten, calm and protect.


    all clear spot treatment

    This highly skin compatible spot treatment is ready to take on those pesky blemishes leaving your skin smoother, clearer, pimple free without causing excessive dryness or irritation. Multiple actives combine to do their magic in combating inflammation, reducing oil production, pore size, fighting free radicals and repairing skin damage.


    eye rescue serum

    Barrier replenishing phospholipids and ceramides effortlessly nourish and support the delicate eye area, helping promote skin's natural repair process, which is vital for eyes to look renewed and recharged. A generous dose hyaluronic acid restores and maintains plumping moisture. Fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and potent actives to help re-ignite the youthful light of your eyes that can fade due to fatigue, pollution and age.


    Step1 all clear exfoliating BHA serum. Dispense one to two pumps to damp, cleansed skin of an evening and spread evenly over the entire face. Apply once weekly.

    Step 2 all clear spot treatment.  Apply a small amount to cleansed skin. Apply only to blemish prone area.  Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer once or twice daily

    Step 3 eye rescue serum Apply one pump amount to damp cleansed skin. Apply to eye area with light strokes in the evening and morning. For best eye care outcome, follow serum application with your preferred Neo Mortal moisturiser

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    paraben free


    alcohol free


    petroleum free


    silicone free


    cruelty free


    plant based

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    why the neo mortal

    our lab, our formulations, our people
    operating our own lab allows the development of unique, creative, uncompromising products. There's no outsourcing and no shortcuts - we do it all ourselves

    advanced delivery systems
    natural liposome encapsulated ingredients allow sustained slow release of actives for better absorption 

    smart ingredients
    smart multifunctional ingredients are added to elevate each product. Like natural phospholipids that make up our liposomes, which deeply nourish and support proper barrier function, for more effective targeting of active ingredients

    superior science
    multiple high-tech and plant based ingredients work together to effectively target your skin concerns, and bring changes you can see 

    why we created it

    we're on a mission
    to create effective, highly functional formulations that deliver stunning results, while keeping our conscious bases covered

    highly skin compatible
    improve skin quality beyond the surface level with modern formulations, meticulously selected, progressive plant based ingredients that won't cause irritation and breakouts

    sophisticated skin feel
    delight your senses with a delicate lightweight non greasy skin feel on application

    three levels of skin fitness
    with immediate, continued and long term benefits, our barrier strengthening formulations provide instant improvements to texture, tone and elasticity

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    we care about community, sustainability and our environment 


    100% recyclable

    our packaging is fully recyclable 


    renewable energy

    made with clean sustainable resources 


    green chemistry

    eco conscious & sustainable practices 


    ethical supply chains

    full transparency