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body wash and post shave set


A decadent daily body wash that elevates your daily wash ritual plus a luxurious fast absorbing balm, that cools and calms the skin on impact to redefine post shave comfort.  

Suits: dry, normal, sensitive skin

Hydrating body wash

A gentle luxurious indulgence for cleansing your body.  Make your day one step easier with this three in one, providing an exhilarating cleaning, moisturising and exfoliating ritual. 

Botanical extracts help soothe, hydrate and clarify, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft. A rich cedarwood and juniper botanical fragrance adds to the sensory experience, leaving a delicate lingering scent on your skin. 

Hydrating body wash key ingredients

The post shave balm
  • alcohol free, non drying formulation
  • rapidly soothes, calms irritations
  • refines skin texture and pore size
  • controls blemishes & razor bumps

A balm that promises to extinguish the post shave fire. 

A nourishing anti inflammatory formula designed to counteract the stripping effects shaving has on the skin. It’s antimicrobial properties help keep your skin clear, feeling fresh and blemish free. 

Post shave balm key ingredients