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our skincare story

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on a mission

Our intention is to improve the lives of our customers and the community.  We actively search the world to bring you the very finest ingredients, forming lifetime partnerships with suppliers, sharing culture and making sure we always give back more than we take. 

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are you, skincare curious? 

By the same team who brought you the 2020 blockbuster cult brand, Hand Combat, the neo mortal promises to provide high performing, natural skincare for all people.
It was conceived by John and Deb Burkin, in their extensive experimental lab in Collingwood.
We try to distil the important stuff and make it relevant for you, so that you know what our products can do, and with a little more reading, you‘ll trust that we have all the conscious bases covered. That’s the world we want to exist in, with you.

your cabinet’s showing 

Living in a family of skincare champions, John would often catch a flurry of tubes and jars as they fell out of the bathroom cabinet.  He wondered, why there were all these all similar products, but by different brands?
On asking why, some products were deemed entirely unsuitable, the reasons ranged from lack of visible results, to ones that stopped working, or worse, those that caused irritation and breakouts. Others were found to contain nasty ingredients and just hadn’t made it to the bin yet.
It was a revelatory experience that roused a lifelong obsession for John, and set him on the path to making great skincare. 

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why bother?

John firmly believes that if his products aren't 'solving a problem better than something that already exist... why bother?'
The "why bother" is inherently tethered to John's inner motor that never switches off. Skincare is his obsession.
Before she met John, Deb had experienced a lifetime of highly reactive, sensitised skin, with no effective skincare regime or product to salve and soothe, despite using some of the most established and recognised skincare available.
When they met, John developed a balancing toner that would complement and elevate Deb's existing skincare regime. Before long, frenzied family and friends - including blemish prone teenagers - were demanding similar elixirs for their own skin challenges.

utterly obsessed 

With decades of experience in plant science behind him, John had become utterly obsessed with creating naturally based skincare.
With a deep respect and appreciation for how modern extraction methods and delivery systems have evolved, he really gets the complexity and interdependence of biological systems.
Countless hours were spent in the neo mortal's purpose built lab mixing and developing formulas, with plant based ingredients and taking a holistic, science based approach.
As a seasoned Marketing executive with some of Australia’s most loved retail brands, Deb inherently understands the importance of a robustly authentic brand story, and paired with John’s skin science obsession, the neo mortal has taken to the stage.

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sharing our knowledge

Our commitment is to share with customers what we know about maintaining great skin with new discoveries as we go.  After all, the neo mortal experience is more than skincare, it's an education in the science - knowing how different ingredients can work together to address your personal skin concerns, leading to the confidence that comes with optimum skin fitness.