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our approach

our approach

Australian made and owned, the neo mortal is part of YULANI, a family of skincare brands formulated in Melbourne using the latest advancements in green cosmetic chemistry & plant science.

without compromise

A sophisticated range of naturally based formulations, the neo mortal combines the multiple elements necessary to restore and maintain healthy, glowing skin.
All our ingredients are plant derived and non toxic, so you never have to choose between results and your health.
We develop progressive and highly functional products that improve skin quality beyond surface level, with modern techniques, and a lightweight, non greasy skin feel on application.
We believe that no one should have to take shortcuts when it comes to their skin health - that’s why our formulations are made without compromise.

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research & results 

Our top goal is results.  With an abundance of phyto compounds (widely considered as super antioxidants), and through Liposomal Delivery Systems that allow sustained release and better uptake of actives, we only use extensively researched and proven ingredients, added at highly effective levels of concentration to ensure maximum benefits. 
Our mainly certified natural ingredients, are meticulously sourced with attention on Australian grown and made botanicals for high effectiveness and skin compatibility.
The result? Non comedogenic skin formulations that are highly skin compatible, with a luxurious skin feel.
What is non comedogenic, you ask? No, it’s not an unattractive, self-deprecating comedian, it’s skincare speak for a product that is formulated so it doesn’t block your pores.

safety & performance

Each of our products are evaluated for safety and performance, then extensively tested, trialled and reformulated until they hit that sweet spot, where they perform at their optimum and the recipe is perfected.
We don’t reach these dizzying heights by riding on the back of a mystical unicorn. Sometimes it can take up to thirty trials to reach peak effectiveness.
Look for the High Performing Ingredients in each product to see just how many multifunctional actives are working to make your skin look its absolute best.

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our lab, our formulations

Each product is formulated and manufactured in house. Operating our own lab allows for true creativity and the ability to develop unique products, with no outsourcing and no shortcuts.
Our products are formulated for people with uncompromising standards who take their skincare seriously. This dedication motivates and inspires us to create products that deliver outstanding results and feel incredible. 
Yes, many clients prefer to use plant-based, safe and sustainably made products, but there was a time when they didn't perform as well as already existing premium synthetic formulations. 
The neo mortal understands the importance of sustainability and results combining to deliver your best skin yet.

sustainability & transparency

Our commitment is to operate honestly, ethically and with integrity, always.  We are completely transparent, from the ingredients we use to the people we work with.
Our formulation are only tested on humans.
We partner with like minded, eco conscious and  sustainable suppliers. We support local farmers, indigenous grower co-op's and concern ourselves with the welfare of workers and the environment they work in.
Our entire range  is free of parabens, sulphates, petroleum based products, silicones, acrylates and animal derived products.  If you have questions about any ingredient we use, please reach out to us and our lab will provide a response

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sharing our knowledge

Our commitment is to share with customers what we know about maintaining great skin with new discoveries as we go.  After all, the neo mortal experience is more than skincare, its an education in the science - knowing how different ingredients can work together to address your personal skin concerns, leading to the confidence that comes with optimum skin fitness.